Sunday, January 01, 2006

Slickr &

Hey - Happy New Year! Wanted to kick-off 2006 with a here I am...with a blog post...!?

Came about a screen saver based on Flickr. I can't imagine it took a while for someone to think of this! Called Slickr, this software allows you to download Flickr photos with specific tags and to display them on your computer (duh). Be careful though - the program allocates 500MB to its cache...dunno if your really need this, but maybe you do since you want high-quality pics.

So, I was playing around with it trying to figure out how to get hot women from the Flickr site on my screen saver. Lo and behold - (aka 'Babes of Flickr') is not available anymore - wah! I want my women!!! Bring back!!!

(I'm still figuring out the key tag words for hot women though. Someone have any ideas?)

While we're on this topic, how about a screen saver that looks like FilmLoop?


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