Sunday, October 23, 2005

User Generated Content & Friendster 2.0

The key success of social networking sites is what they call 'User Generated Content.' Think about it - portals such as Yahoo!, AOL, and MSN have to work with 3rd party sites to syndicate content. Partners such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Motley Fool, etc. make coming to these sites more interesting.

With Friendster, MySpace, and Tribe, the content comes from the users. They provide the pictures, the opinions, and the information that make their members glued to their webpages. Very cool, no?

Friendster recently launched a new version that shows their members the newest information. They have a 'Dashboard' that lists all the latest pictures, testimonials, and what-not uploaded by a member's contacts. Not only does this encourage a member to spend more time surfing on Friendster, it also encourages the member to add more information and be 'checked-out' by his/her friends.

They call this Friendster 2.0. Hmmm...kinda like Web 2.0....


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