Friday, October 28, 2005

TagCamp Day 1

I attended TagCamp yesterday, and had the opportunity to meet some very smart people and listen to their ideas. For those you don't know, TagCamp is a geek-getaway to talk about the infrastructure, ecology and application of tags into what people are calling Web 2.0. More on TagCamp here.

Met up with Greg Nahrain of SocialTwister in the afternoon, and had the opportunity to have dinner with Stowe Boyd of Get Real before heading to Commercenet HQ on El Camino and S. California St.

Interesting new things:
  • Raw Sugar: and the use of tags in search; kinda reminds me of Eurekster though.
  • Riya: a start-up launching Monday; they're all about computer recognition of photos and photo-tagging
  • Danah Boyd talking about what motivates people to tag. Interesting how selfish motivations can contribute to the well-being of a group.
Hung around til 2am. More later.


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