Friday, December 30, 2005

43 People

Been out the last couple of weeks for some special people who are in town. Sure wish it wasn't over....oh well.

Today, I got a 43 People connect through David Weekly of PB Wiki. Looks like the guys at Robo-Coop (aka Amazon) are up to something interesting - another brand/product extension of their 43 services (they have 43 Things and 43 Places).

At first instance, its seems that 43 People is YASN service (YASN = Yet Another Social Network). Give it a go and you'll realize that it flips the entire paradox around. This is more about people you'd like to know than who you are and your relationships with others. Thus, a person who's not in the system can get a profile, whether he likes it or not.

I like the idea behind it. Soon people who own these profiles will be attracted to them, and probably claim ownership (check out this example on Steve Jobs). Good way to increase user base; use the people from 43 Things and 43 People....


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