Saturday, October 29, 2005

TagCamp Day 2

Another round of ideas, discussions and meeting people today at TagCamp. I felt that I was at the end of an information firehose which so much stuff being thrown at me. Much more difficult since I'm a non-techie. But shutting down and getting some time-off, here are some of the companies that got my attention.
  1. Kaboodle: allows you to organize information into one simple 'kaboodle page." Mainly used for shopping research, Kaboodle gives the user a way to make an educated purchase. Look for applications in academic research, trip planning, etc. The kaboodle page kinda reminds me of a wiki page. Like the one of the co-founders too - Manish Chandra - who's a BerkeleyMBA. Go Bears!
  2. Wink: Search with tagging is turning out to be a biggie. We need to get into the hidden gems within deep dark web, something that Google can't really do. Dunno what the service promises, but hopefully Chief Architect Luke Lu will give me a peek. *wink*
  3. Mobido: a new, one-man crew service that allows you to share pictures taken through your camera phone with people who know your special tag. Mike Prince runs this outfit and hopes to create social networks built around mobile phones.
Cool stuff coming from vertical search too - SimplyHired (jobs) and Oodle (classifieds). Also notice instant messaging/sharing company Imeem.

Lastly, special thanks to Hong Qu for allowing me to help him out inPhotoRouter.


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