Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Plaxo goes VOIP

CNET covers Plaxo's partnership with Jajah today:Plaxo gets hip to VoIP.

I agree with CNET et al that this is a packed market with Skype, Y!, MSN, etc allowing VOIP through their IM clients (maybe Seth and Meebo will join this game too?). But what Plaxo has for itself is a) a whole lot more contacts (and their telephone numbers), b) these numbers not finding itself in your mobile phone (and updating by itself), and c) a one-click activation on real phones (no learning and no additional hardware needed).

Not sure if they can dominate this market, but its another revenue stream that will keep the company afloat. I think it will have its own niche at the very least.

Gotta ask Mark more about this in the next Lunch 2.0.


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