Monday, May 15, 2006

Snap CPA Search Engine

San Jose Mercury News reveals a new search engine today: Snap. So what's new with it? While everyone is familiar with the big engines, the search business is a dime a dozen - companies such as Mama, Looksmart, etc. making appearances. Well, the first is that the founder is Bill Gross, the person who started Overture (now Y! Search Marketing). And as you know Google wasn't original in its pay-per-click model - it was a copy of Overture's business.

Snap brings an interesting concept that appeals to advertisers - pay per action/acquistion. This means that you only pay the engine when someone becomes a bonafide customer! This is a better deal than paying for click; it just takes more risk out! It will probably be more $$$ per transaction, and will be harder to implement (you have to put tracking pixels). Yets it definitely an innovative way to develop the search engine business.

How about the service? Oh yeah, its very cool too. I especially like the screen shots of the results. It makes it easier to navigate and decide; you don't have to go off the page to do it.


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