Sunday, April 30, 2006

Super Happy Dev House 9

Again another great event by PB Wiki's David Weekly (thanks!). Some interesting people attended and I made some new contacts:

1) Nick Douglas of Valleywag, a new gossip blog on Silicon Valley. They've gotten some mileage lately and its hard to imagine they came out only last Feb.
2) Sanford Barr of His networking activities are well-attended, and has a good mix or technologies, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.
3) Gabe Rivera, Memeorandum. A tech and political news site that is powered by a black box. Gabe tried explaining his algorithm to me. I didn't get it - makes it more powerful if you ask me.
4) Scott Beale of Laughing Squid. I really envy this guy - he gets to cover the fun events around SF. Its because he has a business model. Run a webhosting company.

If you've got time, you should really make it to SHDH (more details here). Its an opporunity to be productive and to hook up with other smart people to work on your project. Of course, I always end up hanging around the food and drink and bugging the attendees...but that's another story.


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