Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tagging Hot People

I know you've spent some time checking out people on social networks. And you've all had your impression on them: pretty, smart, funny, etc. These descriptions are probably based on your impressions as you surf the page, or based on your actual interactions with them.

Each profile on these social networks has its own URL. Well, guess what - you can tag them on Delicious! So, how about a social experiment? How about tagging the hot people you find? Lets keep it simple, tag this way:

[social network]hot[guy/gal]

Thus, it would be: friendsterhotguy, tribehotgal, etc. You HAVE to keep it to one word.

To keep us all on the same page, use the following words for each service:

Friendster - friendster
MySpace - myspace
The Facebook - facebook - tribe
Hi-5 - hi5
Multiply - multiply

Yes, I know its shallow but bear with me. Feel free to add the other networks I've missed.


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