Tuesday, January 03, 2006

YouTube & MySpace

Came about a story about MySpace's blocking of YouTube's video feeds today. It made me reflect about these two companies a bit more. If you think about it, MySpace is driven by user-generated content. A couple of years ago, this content was simply people and their pictures. Let's be honest, you go to MySpace to oogle the good-looking people of the opposite sex right?

Well, the next wave of content will be video - its these cool people in moving action, sharing more of their glowing personalities. Sure, its a bit irritating for to wait for MySpace pages to load because of the video. But despite this, the service is still thriving. So the visitors must be good with it and YouTube will capitalize on it.

Hmm...maybe YouTube will be acquired by News Corp too. Shouldn't be too out there. At the very least, they have similar sound names ('My' & 'You'; get it?).

What does this imply? We'll the other social networking services should take note! This is the chance to get a leg-up on MySpace. While MySpace has video feeds for a long-time, they're more towards MTVs than personalized stuff. Start integrating video feeds. Aside from YouTube, there's also SoCal based Revver. Cut a deal now!

Also: did I ever mention that I once did an email interview with Tom Anderson of MySpace? This was waaay before they were big - kinda proud of it, saw them coming from afar. Interview came out in the UC Berkeley MBA newspaper too (if you needed the proof). Note that his name bears a close resemblance to a certain Keanu Reeves character in a popular sci-fi trilogy.


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