Monday, October 31, 2005


Some people are wondering about Plunar. What is it?

Plunar was my MBA project. You can say it was my thesis (if there was one for business school) - as I spent every waking moment doing it. It was a business plan built on TWiki - the most popular and widely used wiki software for the enterprise market. What's a wiki? Wikis are webpages that can be edited by any web-browser. Here's an article via Wikipedia (yes, Wikipedia is a wiki).

Worked with some very smart people - Sabino and Mira from the Business School; Shane from MIS, and DK from EECS. We were mentored by great people too - Peter Thoeny of TWiki, Stanley Knutson, Russ Holdstein, and Bob Tenant. Shout out to these great people!

Learn more? Here's DK's Plunar page (and a picture of the team).


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