Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Ideavirus and Promiscous Sneezers

Just finished Seth Godin's 'Unleashing the Ideavirus.' A great read that focuses on getting customers to do the marketing to you. Makes a lot of sense since interuptive marketing (TV, radio, print) is very expensive today. Essentially he talks about talking to one person and having him pass on the message (versus talking to everyone).

Seth talks about two types of sneezers (i.e. the people who will forward your message for you). One is the powerful sneezer who will do it for better credibility. The other is the promiscous sneezer - he'll do it for a fee.

Well, I came upon this article on today. Guess somebody's built a business model targetting promiscous sneezers, and they recently took in 13.8M(!) in funding. They're called BzzAgent.

Wonder if Seth knows about them - not on his blog yet.


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