Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rrove - Officially Beta!!!

In the last couple of months, A friend and I have been working on an interesting social bookmarks project. IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! Yey!

Before I point you to the service, picture this scenario - you've been invited by a friend to his birthday party at a restaurant somewhere in the city. You had a great experience (i.e they serve an excellent Chicken BBQ Pizza), and you want to return to it. Well, guess what - you forgot how to get there (you've lost the invite, the address, and the map), and you're to lazy to email your friend.

You probably won't make it back, at least not soon.

Check out Rrove - its a social bookmarks service FOR LOCATIONS. Use it to save the places that you've been to, so you can return to them in the future!

And its done in a very simple, non-obtrusive way - you get it done IN ONE CLICK. After you add our Rrove buttons to your Bookmarks Toolbar (we'll show you how after you sign-up), head to your favorite map service and use it as you do right now (get a map of an address or get driving directions). After that, just click the 'Rrove This' button and your location(s) are saved in your account. You can come back to them anytime.

If you're familiar with what social bookmarks services do, then you'll know that this becomes a discovery engine. The locations you save can be marked public or private. If you make it public then you're letting everyone else on Rrove know about this location and what you think of it. This allows other people and yourself to explore new places.

You're probably excited about how it works, but a favor before you go. Please be gentle! This is a project and its highly experimental. The core function (saving locations) is pretty solid and the project is very stable. Neverthless, I'm sure there are ways to improve. If you have an idea or suggestion, email me at

OK - I've said enough. Go to now.


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