Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The New Viral Marketing

I recently came about a viral marketing article. Its interesting how this is being done today. Previously, it was all about emailing forwarding, games, and cards. Today, with the additional sophistication of users, its all about microsites and videos. I guess the easiness allows more people to create these interesting sites (here's an example from Simply Hired and Xmen 3) while the white-hot video sharing business allows better distribution of content (you dont really want to email a video right?)

Some viral videos went the Web 2.0 way - have user-generated content. A small subset have been lucky as in the case of Logitech webcameras. After this video came out, their products were the most searched for and most bought webcams off Amazon. Other were not so lucky, see this case of the Chevy Tahoe.

Its a new era, and there are new ways of doing things.


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