Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Came about this new service via Search Engine Watch. ShopWiki is yet another shopping comparison engine. At first I thought it was a wiki where people can collaborate/review products (ala Wikipedia). I liked the idea, specially since I've been looking at affiliate marketing and how much you can make on it. Yet when I came to ShopWiki, it seemed like a search engine. And I don't see where you can change content like a wiki.

Doesn't work for me. It seems that its taking whatever buzz a wiki has. Or something like that.


At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Carlos said...

Hi David. We are, as you discovered, a shopping search engine, but part of being a complete shopping search engine, we believe, is providing complete buying information. That's where the wiki comes in. Whenever you do a search, a list of relevant buying guides will appear above the results (try a search for table tennis.

There's also an index of buying guides here and a list of sample guides on the homepage. All of that is wiki -- users write the guides, edit them. That's how we build up so many. The guides are NPOV (no-point-of-view), like Wikipedia, not personal reviews (there's room for those elsewhere on the site). The buying guides define, in an unbiased fashion, the important terms related to a product and describe the different considerations you should make before a purchase (check out Road Bikes). Hope that helps!

At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is funny. Shopwiki is using your blog to SEO themselves.


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