Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Experimenting with online advertising through AdBrite - you probably noticed the sponsor links on the lower right corner. It'll be interesting to see how far I can bring this. I'm sure that I'll need around 100,000 visitors everyday to start making good money through a blog (if that happens, I can join blog networks Corante, Gawker Media, Weblogs, whatever). But a couple of hunder dollars (yeah right - more like a couple of dollars) each month wouldn't be bad.

I'm really a bad guy; the very least I can do is use Google AdSense (Blogspot is a Google service). I guess I'll give them a go in a few weeks and compare. But right now, they're making too much money to care.

Speaking of AdBrite - you should check them out. They messaging 'eBay of online advertising' - company makes a lot of sense, especially with a lot of small publishers (read: bloggers) joining the Internet. The AdBrite set-up was really fast; it took me around 20 minutes from sign-up to having the ad appear on the Plunar blog.

Check out my sponsors (I sure hope I don't have the wrong advertisers here), and show some love!


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