Friday, November 11, 2005

BusinessWeek's Web Smart 50

Found this set of articles today at BusinessWeek. Interesting write-ups on 37 Signal's Basecamp and Digg. I'm impressed by Basecamp's 'Less is More' philosophy. I really think that technology is supposed to make people more productive and work less. Unfortunately, over the last few decades, people have actually worked more hours (I read that somewhere).

Digg is News 2.0, and incorporates the required human element/collective wisdom into the equation. Makes you wonder what the other 2.0 services will look like (i.e. Dating 2.0, Travel 2.0, Adult 2.0...)

What really inspires me about these two companies is how they started small to grow to tens of thousands of users - all through viral/grassroots efforts it seems. Seems like a great way to run a business.


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