Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Web 2.0 (and Social Software)

The buzz these days is Web 2.0. Heck, it even had a conference named after it. But what exactly does Web 2.0 mean?

Others say that its the second coming of the web - another bubble. Actually, a bubblet. And we can see that with a whole slew of companies coming out of the woodwork. Maybe its just me being at the heart of technology, but there are lots of new ideas and teams (this is good).

But Web 2.0 is not just another wave of ideas and businesses. Its a certain kind of technology. Back in 1999 - 2001, people were concerned with content to get visitors to their sites (getting the "eyeballs"). With Web 2.0, its content that is richer through technology improved with the interaction of people. Look at the innovations that have driven this movement - tagging, community interaction (resulting in a collective mind), sharing/openness (APIs from Google, Amazon, eBay, etc.). Of course there technology that allows this to happen better - AJAX and Ruby on Rails are some examples.

Where Web 2.0 will go is up in the air. I think that there will a lot of interesting opportunities here, and that some companies will go under when the bubblet pops. There will always be ups and down. My hope is that it won't be a big bust, and that people won't use Web 3.0 or something like that when the next upturn arrives.

(Side note: You probably noticed that Web 2.0 has a social component to it. Its interesting that social software seems to be swampped by Web 2.0, and that the former is fast losing its appeal. I think that if you say social software, people look at you and think that you're not in the know. On the other hand, Ithink people who use Web 2.0 is referring to a buzz word that he probably doesn't understand. Oh well.)


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