Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mash Maps

We all know that mash-ups websites are at the forefront of Web 2.0. For those who are unaware, mash-ups are created by combining the web services by the big Internet players. Perhaps the most popular mash-up was the first one - Housing Maps by Paul Redmacher (now of Google). Spurred by this service, Google released an open API two months later that sparked this trend.

There is so much excitement around this area, but all the mash-ups are Google Maps and something else (e.g. gas prices, pictures, pedometer, etc.). I still have to see a well-used mash-up that doesn't use this service nor another Map site. There's even a blog that keeps track off the new Google Maps mash-ups. Hmmm...I wonder if 43 Places count - probably not, because they're just taking their flagship service - 43 Things - and adding a Flickr interface.

Makes me wonder - why not just call it Mash Maps?


Found a great article on Mashups. Its part of a larger article called Taking Back the Web. Excellent read.


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