Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bitty Browser

Found this on the web today, and I recalled my conversation with Neil Kumar of Yelp in SHDH8 over this weekend. With the blog explosion, a lot of companies have developed "blog blings" (Neil's exact words) or a few lines of javascript code that people can cut and paste to their blogs. The result? Some fancy new features. I think Flickr started it with their Zietgiest, and Del.icio.us came up with the Linkorama. So here's a new one that can be customized for different effects: the Bitty Browser.

The Bitty Browser essentially allows you to embed a baby browser within your browser. So what? Well, for some web-surfing activities, you can prefer to stay in the same page (e.g. news, search, etc.). It's pretty cool and helpful, especially if you stick it into your blog (which is becoming everyone's homepage these days) and use it to navigate other sites.

Speaking of blog blings, Rrove has the Rrove Roll. Its essentially a list of the last locations you've been to. Yes, you should put that in your browser.

Here's an example:


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