Monday, March 06, 2006

Google Calendar

I came about an article on the Google Calendar while surfing Digg. Seems that this is something people are talking about (although there is an update that this pic might not be the real thing).

The interesting observation here is not so much that there is a Google Calendar, but the fact that people are talking about it. I don't think you'll get the same interest level if it was Real Networks or Napster who released a new product/service/feature. (Yes, Apple would get the same hype.)

It reminds me of the big Gmail buzz that happened a couple of years back. People were scrambling for invites, some where actually auctioned off at eBay for $100. Imagine that.

And yet, I don't it was done on purpose. I think that it was just a way to control expectations. It probably was also done because a lot of people will have signed up, and Google wasn't ready for the load.

(It's also interesting that alot of companies are doing something similar today. A lot of companies under-the-radar have a 'Coming Soon' front page and a little "leave us your email address and we'll tell you when we are ready." Somehow, it's not going to work. Btw, do you see a "coming soon" product from Google?)

The point is - I think Google's marketing success is because they have great engineers (v. marketing geniuses running around). I guess their success has created a 'halo effect' on their next projects.

(A final note - not all Google products are successful. Take Orkut, Froogle, among others. Yet their good products are more, and have really blown the market.)


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